Superior Rug Cleaning in St John's Wood

Precious rugs deserve the very best care. Call for your rug cleaning in St John's Wood and know that a premium service comes as standard. Specialist detergents and top quality equipment which combines the deepest cleansing with the most gentle of fibre care are just two of the reasons why we’re the trusted choice of discerning customers who want top quality, and don’t settle for anything less.

Get Rug Cleaners in St John's Wood On the Day You Call

  • Technicians work seven days a week and same day services are often available
  • Weekend or bank holiday appointments available
  • Both dry and steam cleaning are on offer – your technician will select the correct technique for your needs
  • Rug cleaners in St John's Wood also offer upholstery and mattress cleaning – combine services and you’ll pay reduced rates
  • Call our 24/7 support line to get a quote or book your service

Gentle and Deep Cleansing Treatments

The technique selected to clean your rug or carpet will depend on the nature of the material it’s made of, how dirty it is, and to some extent your own preferences:

Dry cleaning Is the preferred option for rugs that may fade, run, or shrink. This is the method that your rug cleaners will use for silk carpets and certain modern fibres such as sisal or seagrass. The piece is vacuumed, marks are pre-treated, then a dry dirt-absorbing powder is worked into the piece then removed by vacuum cleaner. Dry treatments are also suitable for delivering a quick, refreshing cleansing when you can’t wait for drying.

Steam cleaning Is the treatment that delivers the deepest cleansing, and which will destroy carpet bugs, dust mites, viruses, or fungal spores. As with dry cleaning, vacuum cleaning is followed by pre-cleaning. The piece is shampooed, then water and detergents extracted.

Getting a price for your service or asking a question about rug cleaning in St John's Wood really couldn’t be simpler – just call, day or night, on 020 7846 0469 to get straight through to our customer advice team.